Partner Spotlight: Whipsaw

Whipsaw is an Industrial Design & Engineering firm located in San Jose and San Francisco, California. Whipsaw focuses on innovative product design, development and branding. Whipsaw creates highly successful, award-winning products and experiences in the consumer electronics, housewares, medical, wearables, computing, scientific, industrial, and business product categories. Dan Harden, President of Whipsaw, is a hands-on [...]

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Voler Systems and V2 Solutions Partner to Provide IoT and Home Health Solutions

Voler Systems and V2Solutions partner to provide high-quality IoT and home health solutions. They can draw upon team members with decades of experience in each of the areas of expertise: electronic design, web and mobile software. V2Solutions delivers cutting-edge solutions for real-time web and mobile applications. Voler Systems provides electronic product development services. "We're thrilled [...]

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Best in Class vs. Vertically Integrated?

by Barry Braunstein, Vice President of Business Development/Marketing at Acorn Product Development When looking for an outside engineering/product development firm, clients have many choices both in terms of the specific expertise they’re looking for, as well as the type of firm they’re looking to engage with. For projects that involve software, electronics, hardware, industrial design, [...]

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Arena Feature Flexible Electronics Article

As first posted on Arena Solutions' blog Flexible electronics technology has been around a long time in the form of flexible electrical connections and circuit boards.  With more and more intelligent and small electrical components becoming available (nanotech sensors, IC and SOC radios, microprocessors), flexible electronic products are becoming smarter and finding more applications.  [...]

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Fusion Design on Silicon Valley – the Magic Happens Here

In this short video, Mark Brinkerhoff, President of Fusion Design Inc., shares why the "magic happens in the Silicon Valley". Magic Happens Here from Jeremy Brinkerhoff on Vimeo.

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Rapid Ramp – Taking Your Product from Idea to Scale

Voler Systems is part of a consortium of Silicon Valley companies that help hardware companies get their products to market quickly and cost-effectively. Being part of the Product Realization Group (PRG), offers our clients a “one-stop-shop” of outsourced new product introduction (NPI), new product development (NPD), regulatory compliance, cost reduction, and quality improvement services to help [...]

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Voler Featured in Product Feasibility Case Study

See how we reduced risk and saved money with a feasibility study.

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Feasibility Study Aids Business Decision

One task we often help clients with is exploring the feasibility of developing an idea into a product. Sometimes it is not clear that an idea can be implemented, or it is not clear how to implement it. A feasibility stage is a short investigation to determine how the design should best be done. We [...]

Missed Managing Design Risk Webinar

If you missed Voler Systems at PRG's Lunch & Learn, Walt Maclay and panel presented detailed tips for managing constraints and trade-offs and ways to mitigate risk in “Managing Design Risk". Quick Summary Successful new product development (NPD) involves the art of balancing schedules, resources, and costs to enable products that launch on-time, with desired [...]

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Honored to be a Renesas Partner

Sunnyvale, CA - 12/21/10 - Voler Systems (, a leading Silicon Valley-based contract electronic design services company specializing in electronic products and test systems involving sensors and measurement electronics, today announced that Voler Systems has been honored as a Renesas partner. Renesas' partner program serves to distinguish those companies who support Renesas Electronics products and [...]

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