Biosensors: Avoiding errors measuring physiological functions like EKG, heart rate, and temperature

Wearable medical devices are biosensors attached to the human body to detect and monitor changes and capture biological / physiological data. These devices are usually non-invasive devices that function autonomously. Monitoring older adults and subjects with chronic conditions in the home and community are a growing focus of these applications. Common types of physiological functions [...]

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Partnership Provides Home Health Solutions

Voler Systems and V2Solutions recently partnered to develop the hardware, embedded software, mobile app and website for a home health product. It required a small battery-powered device to transmit data to a mobile phone and website. The biggest challenge in this project was the battery life: how to maximize the length of time between charges [...]

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ReadWrite: How Does Sensor Data Go From Device To Cloud?

With so many multiple wireless standards available,  it is sometimes difficult for people to decide which approach is the best for their application, device, or business.  At the beginning of each new project, we spend a lot of time understanding the context of the design to identify the important tradeoffs and parameters.  This helps us to understand the [...]

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Batteries Holding Back Wearable Devices Article Featured on ReadWrite

As the number of wearable devices increases, the demand for smaller and longer-lasting devices, remote transmitters and transponders, and higher device intelligence will drive the quest for higher energy efficiency and capacity in the power sources of these devices. If we don't continuously improve our batteries, the wearable industry will power down. We are excited [...]

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Design Checklist for Wearable Devices

Here is a great checklist for wearable devices. When we do a design we check all of these things and more. Often we need to use our engineering judgment on the tradeoff between size, cost, testability, and manufacturability of the board. Power What size battery? What is the appropriate battery lifetime? How often do various [...]

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Flexible Electronics

Flexible electronics are lightweight, rugged, bendable, rollable, portable, and even foldable. As devices get smaller, the need for flexible electronic products is growing, and they are finding their way into more applications. Here are some interesting devices we have worked on. Wearable Devices Many of our wearable device designs have used flexible boards, including a [...]

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Missed Bay ACM’s “Sensors, Wearable Devices, and IoT”

If you missed Voler Systems at Bay ACM's talk "Sensors, Wearable Devices and Internet of Things", Walt Maclay presented the latest trends and challenges he sees for sensors, wearable devices and IoT,  he has a Wearable World News' article at .    

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Software: Testing Motion Detection for Wearable Devices

Active Mind Technology provides golfers with stats and trending information about their golf game. Their product, Game Golf, uses GPS to track location, accelerometers to track swing and related information, and uses Near Field Communication (NFC) tags to identify each club. They approached Voler Systems after early prototypes exhibited erratic behavior. Because of their commitment to quality they [...]

Innovation Trends for Sensors and Wearable Devices

As appeared in Wearable World News on May 21, 2014. Download the pdf here. In the  last 18 months there has been an acceleration in the evolution of wearable devices that incorporate sensors. We think they are poised to break out of technology-enthusiast and early-adopter usage into mainstream acceptance. Wearable devices are well-adapted The real [...]

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Islands of Data

A large number of innovative devices are being designed and deployed. Most of these devices are designed to gather information and send it to a website. Unfortunately, the data is often available only on a web site where it cannot be used by another program or compared with data from other devices. The Nike FuelBand measures [...]

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