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We help companies build FPGA-based electronic products


Our embedded design expertise includes FPGA design. We have developed products with Altera and Xilinx FPGAs and CPLDs. We utilize the following FPGA programming tools: Quartus, ISE, ModelSim, VHDL, and Verilog to create quality products on time and on budget. Whether you need an Actel FPGA programmer, Xilinx FPGA programmer, or Impact FPGA programmer, we have the expertise you need.

FPGAs Widely Used

FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) have revolutionized digital circuit design and embedded circuit design with their programmable architecture, high density, and relatively low cost. What used to take an entire circuit board can be put on a single chip, even in low volume production. There is IP (Intellectual Property) available for a wide variety of functions that can be put on the FPGAs, including microprocessors, filters, phase locked loops, and hundreds of other functions. We have the knowledge to use these capabilities to their fullest.

Our digital circuit design engineers have developed FPGA designs with

  • Xilinx FPGAs
  • Altera FPGAs

Recent FPGA Designs

Voler delivers quality products on time and on budget.


Custom PCI Card

FPGA in Embedded Design

FPGA in Embedded Design

  • Liquid Biopsy Platform – A Challenging Design

    Liquid Biopsy Platform – A Challenging Design

    We have completed a challenging project that started with a referral from a partner. The liquid biopsy platform project was the design of a complex medical instrument and it required a combination of skills that [...]

  • Microprocessor Design

    Microprocessor Design

    Microprocessor Design Our embedded microprocessor design consultants have developed dozens of embedded designs with microprocessors and digital logic circuit design. We have used microprocessors from Intel, Renesas, PIC, etc. What Are Microprocessors? Embedded [...]

  • Using ZigBee to Integrate Handheld Tester

    Using ZigBee to Integrate Handheld Tester

    Voler was approached by a service provider with a need for handheld HVAC testers that service field representatives could use when they go to residences and businesses to perform an energy audit for the owners' heating and air-conditioning systems.

    Voler worked with the IT manager and a lead user to develop a written specification to meet their needs. Together we developed a proposal for a testing system with three remote units that are wirelessly connected to a master that plugs into the USB port on a PC.

“By choosing Voler for our FPGA design needs we were able to accelerate our product development significantly. Not only was the board layout perfect, but the FPGA code has not needed a single revision. I highly recommend Voler to anyone needing quality electronics design.” – C. PETER LOTZ, HARRIS CORP