Machine Learning on GPUs and Embedded Devices

Deep nets are becoming pervasive in many desktop and mobile applications. However, running deep nets on small embedded devices remains a challenge. Some challenges include choosing the right implementation on the embedded device (cuDNN, TensorFlow, etc.) and using other tricks that can improve performance (for example: off-loading power hungry algorithms to the cloud while keeping [...]

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Quartus II

Voler is a certified partner of the Altera division of Intel.  We are certified to use their Quartus II tools for FPGA development. Voler Systems combines FPGA experience with sensors, wireless, motion control, and medical devices. We have designed many FPGA devices into medical, and industrial applications.

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Liquid Biopsy Platform – A Challenging Design

We have completed a challenging project that started with a referral from a partner. The liquid biopsy platform project was the design of a complex medical instrument and it required a combination of skills that we are known for: analog circuitry, FPGA, microprocessors, and firmware. The instrument is used for non-invasive liquid biopsies and requires the [...]

Microprocessor Design

Microprocessor Design Our embedded microprocessor design consultants have developed dozens of embedded designs with microprocessors and digital logic circuit design. We have used microprocessors from Intel, Renesas, PIC, etc. What Are Microprocessors? Embedded design is generally considered to be a dedicated function built into a device, as opposed to a general purpose PC. [...]

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Digital Circuit Design Engineers for USB, FPGA, and Microprocessors

Our engineering design consultants are highly experienced with a wide range of technologies, which enables us to create innovative designs for a wide variety of products, always with the highest quality. Our digital circuit design engineers have developed: FPGA designs (field programmable gate array) USB designs embedded microprocessor designs memory designs Ethernet and serial interfaces [...]

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Using ZigBee to Integrate Handheld Tester

Voler was approached by a service provider with a need for handheld HVAC testers that service field representatives could use when they go to residences and businesses to perform an energy audit for the owners' heating and air-conditioning systems.

Voler worked with the IT manager and a lead user to develop a written specification to meet their needs. Together we developed a proposal for a testing system with three remote units that are wirelessly connected to a master that plugs into the USB port on a PC.

Custom PCI Card product design, FPGA design, software

"High quality work" "accommodate changes" "saved us a great deal of development time"

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