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Sensor Calibration Verifies Accuracy

By Walt Maclay

Download CalibrationDisposableMedicalDevices.pdf (reprinted with permission from Embedded Computing Design)

FDA regulations for medical devices require manufacturers to develop and monitor production practices to ensure that the end device conforms to its specifications. A calibration program is a major part of this quality system to verify the accuracy and precision of measurements. Walt describes the techniques, tools, and equipment used to calibrate a disposable medical device.

Medical devices that rely on one or more embedded sensors not only need testing, but also sensor calibration. Digital circuits can be subject to pass/fail testing. However, sensors require precise testing or calibration to be accurate. Calibration ensures that different individual devices give the same result. Sensors needing calibration include temperature, pressure, acceleration, strain, and displacement.

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A Fun & Interesting Project: Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Voler Systems provided two broad services to AlterG: debug and re-design of the main controller board and providing guidance and advice on how to get FDA approval to enter the medical market.

During the development process AlterG was having difficulty with static electricity causing system resets. Voler Systems was quickly able to solve the problem. By optically isolating the control buttons and providing enhanced shielding and grounding, we eliminated the failures because any static discharge would not couple into the board where the microprocessor was located. We provided the controller circuit board design and tested working prototype boards.

Fuel Leak Detection

An aging system triggered system engineers to search for an updated leak monitoring system for fuel storage tanks at Vandenberg AFB. The system engineers needed to replace the equipment that was obsolete and expensive to maintain. Voler was chosen to design, manufacture and install a new reliable system.

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Prototype Catheter Measures Heart Muscle

Voler developed a circuit to measure the impedance of tissue inside the heart to determine which part of the tissue is infarcted (dead) for use in a prototype cardiac catheter. We worked with a medical device start-up to implement an innovative method to reliably detect the minute differences between healthy and infarcted heart tissue.

Microprocessor Design

Microprocessor Design Our embedded microprocessor design consultants have developed dozens of embedded designs with microprocessors and digital logic circuit design. We have used microprocessors from Intel, Renesas, PIC, etc. What Are Microprocessors? Embedded design is generally considered to be a dedicated function built into a device, as opposed to a general purpose PC. [...]

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USB Design

Past Projects Whether designing new projects or extending the product cycle of old ones, Voler delivers quality products on time and on budget. USB Camera Interface Embedded USB Design Our embedded design expertise includes USB design. We have developed USB products using Cypress and other manufacturer's ICs. We are a CYPros Certified Developer [...]

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Digital Circuit Design Engineers for USB, FPGA, and Microprocessors

Our engineering design consultants are highly experienced with a wide range of technologies, which enables us to create innovative designs for a wide variety of products, always with the highest quality. Our digital circuit design engineers have developed: FPGA designs (field programmable gate array) USB designs embedded microprocessor designs memory designs Ethernet and serial interfaces [...]

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Challenges for Using Cameras in Endoscopes

Electronic cameras with video feeds are replacing miniature optical pathways in endoscopes. In the past, these miniaturized optical pathways composed of prisms and lenses (and in later generations, optical fibre) would take the image to the last part of the endoscope where the doctor would have to view it, wherever it was located. Now, the [...]

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Using ZigBee to Integrate Handheld Tester

Voler was approached by a service provider with a need for handheld HVAC testers that service field representatives could use when they go to residences and businesses to perform an energy audit for the owners' heating and air-conditioning systems.

Voler worked with the IT manager and a lead user to develop a written specification to meet their needs. Together we developed a proposal for a testing system with three remote units that are wirelessly connected to a master that plugs into the USB port on a PC.