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Test Systems

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How To Reduce Noise In Test Systems

Noise is unwanted interference that affects the signal and may distort the information. Noise comes from a variety of sources. Some comes from inside a circuit or device, and some from outside. What creates this noise? Motors generate noise and fluorescent lighting generates noise. Noise gets into a circuit from outside through two fundamentally different ways:

Using ZigBee to Integrate Handheld Tester

Voler was approached by a service provider with a need for handheld HVAC testers that service field representatives could use when they go to residences and businesses to perform an energy audit for the owners' heating and air-conditioning systems.

Voler worked with the IT manager and a lead user to develop a written specification to meet their needs. Together we developed a proposal for a testing system with three remote units that are wirelessly connected to a master that plugs into the USB port on a PC.