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Liquid Biopsy Platform – A Challenging Design

We have completed a challenging project that started with a referral from a partner. The liquid biopsy platform project was the design of a complex medical instrument and it required a combination of skills that we are known for: analog circuitry, FPGA, microprocessors, and firmware. The instrument is used for non-invasive liquid biopsies and requires the [...]

Common Errors Transferring Products to Test

by Dan Orlando & Walt Maclay 1. Recognizing the need for testing Many people don’t realize how important testing is to the product manufacturing process.  After manufacturing, each board should be tested to ensure only good products are shipped.  Despite excellent quality control at the best contract manufacturers, there can be errors in PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, flaws [...]

Software: Testing Motion Detection for Wearable Devices

Here is a case study for a recent project where we assisted a customer with motion detection for wearable devices. We were able to find and fixed one troubling, but intermittent problem and also gave them a testing rig to test the accuracy of future software upgrades to the device. Active Mind Technology provides golfers [...]

Voler Helps Out With Legacy Test Equipment

Voler was recently approached by a large medical device company that relied on test equipment that had been designed several years earlier by a firm that was no longer available. They ask Voler for help because for the last two years the equipment would periodically fail calibration and was providing inconsistent results. They had done [...]

Test Systems

Past Projects Voler delivers quality products on time and on budget. Rack Mounted Test System We understand test systems. Our experience is enhanced with our knowledge of digital circuits, analog circuits, and sensors. Some of our many test system projects include: Large rack and stack test systems Small test systems PC or PXI systems [...]

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How To Reduce Noise In Test Systems

Noise is unwanted interference that affects the signal and may distort the information. Noise comes from a variety of sources. Some comes from inside a circuit or device, and some from outside. What creates this noise? Motors generate noise and fluorescent lighting generates noise. Noise gets into a circuit from outside through two fundamentally different ways:

Using ZigBee to Integrate Handheld Tester

Voler was approached by a service provider with a need for handheld HVAC testers that service field representatives could use when they go to residences and businesses to perform an energy audit for the owners' heating and air-conditioning systems.

Voler worked with the IT manager and a lead user to develop a written specification to meet their needs. Together we developed a proposal for a testing system with three remote units that are wirelessly connected to a master that plugs into the USB port on a PC.

IC Tester

The IC tester product design included FPGA design and high-speed analog design. "excellent job" "on time and below budget"

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