Voler and Ops A la Carte Collaboration to Develop Secure and Reliable Industrial RFID Device

Voler and Ops A La Carte (www.opsalacarte.com) were selected to develop and deliver tested prototypes of a high quality RFID device by a major Hong Kong manufacturer. They are relying on Voler and Ops A La Carte to provide a total solution for a very high quality device. Out of five companies in the US that they looked at, our Silicon Valley team was chosen. Our rich network of partnerships and relationships provided a one-stop solution

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3 Reasons USB Ports Are Replacing Serial Ports

The original IBM PC included RS-232 serial ports, helping to proliferate a data transfer format that has lasted for decades. Thousands of industrial devices, everything from flow meters to other types of laboratory instruments, traditionally have RS-232 as the standard input/output port. Five years ago most of the new PCs stopped shipping with an RS-232 serial interface as a part of their standard or base configuration. Common PC desktop peripherals such as printers, scanners, and fax machines are currently made with USB ports.

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Wireless Asset Tracking

Voler developed a wireless vehicle tracking device for Robertson's Ready Mix, the leading producer of Ready-Mixed Concrete and Construction Aggregates in Southern California. Robertson's fleet of 600 cement trucks, heavy-duty trucks and haulers are a critical asset. This device collects data in each truck and transmits this data to the back office. Robertson's Ready Mix has six dispatchers in the back office which monitor and dispatch trucks 24 hours a day using just their mouse and computer.

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Voler Saves the Day – Test Proceeds on Schedule with Heroic Effort

A medical device company hired Voler to provide sensors mounted on a flexible circuit to be used in conjunction with a data acquisition and monitoring system in a week long animal trial. The trial results would be necessary for obtaining FDA approval. The schedule was so tight that the necessary data acquisition and monitoring equipment only came together in the last few days before the trial was scheduled to begin. Voler designed an amplifier mounted on a flexible circuit.

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