Arena Feature Flexible Electronics Article

As first posted on Arena Solutions' blog Flexible electronics technology has been around a long time in the form of flexible electrical connections and circuit boards.  With more and more intelligent and small electrical components becoming available (nanotech sensors, IC and SOC radios, microprocessors), flexible electronic products are becoming smarter and finding more applications.  [...]

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Volume 2014, Issue 4 Newsletter

In This Issue: What are the Best Wireless Options for Communicating with Small Devices from your Smart Phone? Most newer mobile phones have multiple tiny radios inside them that can communicate directly with these small remote devices. One of the big challenges of these direct links is the usable range of the link and the [...]

Sensor Innovations: Trends for 2015

The demand for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices has led to the introduction of a lot of interesting products.  These IoT devices collect data from all kinds of places: from your home, from your shoes, from your body and from your computer. In many cases, what makes this possible is the innovation of sensors. We [...]

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Fusion Design on Silicon Valley – the Magic Happens Here

In this short video, Mark Brinkerhoff, President of Fusion Design Inc., shares why the "magic happens in the Silicon Valley". Magic Happens Here from Jeremy Brinkerhoff on Vimeo.

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How to Get Your Product Made: Idea to Product

So you have a product idea. It can be quite a challenge to go from idea to product. Here are some tips on how to navigate through the process of designing your product, finding a manufacturer, as well as how to optimize your relationship with your manufacturer so that you and your customers are happy. Step 1: [...]

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Best Wireless Options for Communicating with Small Devices from your Smart Phone

A modern smart phone has upward of a dozen different wireless options, this article explores the best wireless options for communicating with small devices from your smart phone based on the particulars of your application requirements. Overview The proliferation of clever apps for almost anything along with the availability of small, inexpensive radio modules and [...]

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Rapid Ramp – Taking Your Product from Idea to Scale

Voler Systems is part of a consortium of Silicon Valley companies that help hardware companies get their products to market quickly and cost-effectively. Being part of the Product Realization Group (PRG), offers our clients a “one-stop-shop” of outsourced new product introduction (NPI), new product development (NPD), regulatory compliance, cost reduction, and quality improvement services to help [...]

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Software: Testing Motion Detection for Wearable Devices

Here is a case study for a recent project where we assisted a customer with motion detection for wearable devices. We were able to find and fixed one troubling but intermittent problem and also gave them a testing rig to test the accuracy of future software upgrades to the device. Active Mind Technology provides golfers [...]

Volume 2014, Issue 3 Newsletter

In This Issue: Trends in Sensors and Wearable Devices A detailed look at some wearable devices that have incorporated sensor applications. Find out the latest!   Software: Testing Motion Detection for Wearable Devices Read about our work on Active Mind's Game Golf. Rapid Ramp - Taking Your Product from Idea to Scale Our rapid ramp [...]

Innovation Trends for Sensors and Wearable Devices

This article by Walt Maclay originally appeared in Wearable World News as "Innovation Trends For Sensors And Wearable Devices" at on May 21, 2014. Download the pdf here. In the  last 18 months there has been an acceleration in the evolution of wearable devices that incorporate sensors. We think they are poised to break out [...]

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