New Product Development
for Electronics, Software, and Instrumentation

Our engineering design consultants create complete electronic product designs. From product concept to circuit design, circuit board layout, engineering prototypes, and transfer to production, we provide a complete product design service or just the part you need, always with the highest quality. Our product design engineering consultants have developed:

  • Computer interfaces
  • Wireless devices
  • Instrumentation circuits
  • Controllers
  • Medical device design and development

Complete Product Development Consulting – From Idea to Manufacturing

We work with our customers from concept to moving new products into production without problems. We are highly experienced in developing specifications from your ideas, creating innovative designs, and producing high quality products. We complete the full product design cycle, and we are available for product revisions and analysis for the full product life cycle. Since 1980 we’ve served numerous industries, including medical, aerospace, semiconductors, manufacturing, transportation, and many others. We perform testing to ensure conformance with standards such as FCC, CE, UL, FDA, and others. Our product design consultation services include:

Digital Circuit Design

Whether you need a USB design, FPGA design, microprocessor design, or a memory design engineer, our digital circuit design engineers can solve your problem.

Analog Circuit Design and Sensor Signal Conditioning

From picoamp sensing to 100 MHz amplifiers, we design analog circuits that work well. We have expertise with all types of sensors – from temperature sensor circuits to vision – and we know how to make them work in new products.

Software and Firmware

We do the difficult software engineering consulting, such as embedded programming, DLL programming, Windows driver programming, and Linux programming. We also create complex stand-alone applications. Rely on us for software and firmware.

“Your project communication and advice is very much appreciated and valued. Your openness and candor are the primary reasons we will use Voler Systems again for electronic design and sensor interfaces. From the very beginning of our partnership, you have always offered honest advice to ensure the best solution for our needs, whether it was through you or one of your resources.” – Micah Bongberg, CEO Annuvia