Voler analog experts

Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design Engineering


We have many years of analog circuit design experience and we have designed analog and mixed signal conditioning for a wide variety of sensors, including temperature sensors, cameras, and many others. Frequently our designs include analog-to-digital converters that interface to our digital circuit designs.

Analog Circuit Design Consultant

We have created analog circuits that amplify, switch, filter, convert, and provide power. Our designs have high speed to 100 MHz, low current (picoamps), and low voltage (microvolts). We know how to keep the noise low and avoid coupling to high-speed digital circuits on the same board.

Sensors and Circuits

Our analog circuit design consultants are highly experienced in:

  • Sensor signal conditioning
  • Analog and mixed signal circuit design
  • Analog-to-digital converters
  • Digital-to-analog converters
  • Amplifiers

Is Analog Circuit Design Dead?

In this digital age analog circuit design services are more needed than ever. Sensors are inherently analog, and they are being used more frequently. Sensors require signal conditioning and analog-to-digital converters to connect to digital systems.Use our analog circuit design and mixed signal design experience as part of a complete product or system solution. Our understanding and experience in both Digital and Analog circuit design and signal conditioning is what makes Voler unique.

Our clients are delighted with our high quality designs and our innovative solutions.

Recent analog and mixed-signal design projects

Microvolt analog and high voltage switching on one board
Microvolt analog and high-voltage switching on one board

Mixed Signal DesignDesigned an auxiliary battery

Mixed Signal BAnalog mixed-signal design

“The board was a complex analog circuit with very dense layout. We were surprised that the board worked so well that we could ship the first prototypes to our customer. The debugging went very smoothly and quickly. I think that was due to your careful analysis of the circuit and thorough review of the design and layout. Due to the short debugging period, the design was done on-time and below budget.” – Cliff Ludwig at Nextest System Corp.