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First-Time-Right Design

Speed up your product design without sacrificing quality by using our experienced project management and rigorous design methodology. Take advantage of our impressive track record of first-time-right designs.

Deep and Wide Technical Expertise

Entrust your product design with Voler’s expert FPGA design team – combining decades of digital design experience on hundreds of projects across a wide spectrum of FPGA devices and design tool paths.

Full Stack Product Development

Improve your competitive advantage and streamline the entire product lifecycle – from concept and design through to production and sustaining engineering – by taking advantage of Voler’s tightly-knit partnerships with Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing partners.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our team can take on complete responsibility for all aspects of development, or we can share the responsibility with your in-house team.

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Custom PCI Card


High-Density IC Tester Card

FPGA in Embedded Design

FPGA in Embedded Design

“By choosing Voler for our FPGA design needs we were able to accelerate our product development significantly. Not only was the board layout perfect, but the FPGA code has not needed a single revision. I highly recommend Voler to anyone needing quality electronics design.” – C. PETER LOTZ, HARRIS CORP


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The Engineering Team that delivers

Voler Systems specializes in providing full service electronic design services (EDS), from concept and design through to production and sustaining engineering. We have completed hundreds of projects over 17 years. Accelerate your time to market by partnering with our multidisciplinary team of 30+ experts.

FPGA and CPLD development • Sensors • Wireless • Motion Control • Embedded Systems • System architecture • Firmware development • Board Design • Analog design • Power supply design

Medical devices • Home Health • Wearables • Industrial automation • Power and green energy • Consumer electronics

FPGA design and integration • System testing and verification • Expert device selection • IP integration • RTL verification • High-speed communication and memory interfaces • Communication Signal Processing • DSP implementation • High speed differential transceivers/SERDES • High speed, high complexity interfaces and protocols • ASIC-to-FPGA conversion • Video: DVI/HDMI, MIPI, scaling, overlay, soft-core, format conversion • Devices & Tools: Altera, Xilinx, Quartus, ISE, Vivado, ModelSim, VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog