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Speed up your product design without sacrificing quality by using our experienced project management and rigorous design methodology. Take advantage of our impressive track record of first-time-right designs.

Deep and Wide Wireless Design Expertise

We have used a variety of RF devices for high volume commercial and low volume industrial products. These devices have transmitted sensor data from wireless devices while conserving battery life, and they have transmitted high bandwidth data from vehicle mounted devices. Our design engineers have specified, tested and implemented various technologies such as

  • Bluetooth LE
  • Bluetooth
  • LoRa
  • SigFox
  • Zigbee
  • WiFi (802.11)
  • GPS tracking
  • GPRS and GSM modems

Embedded Product Development

Improve your competitive advantage and streamline the entire product lifecycle – from concept and design through to production and sustaining engineering – by taking advantage of Voler’s tightly-knit partnerships with Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing partners.

Best Wireless Standard for your Application?

There are now many competing standards, each with its own advantages and disadvantages in battery power consumption, transmission distance, and applicability to different uses.  See our Guide to Wireless Technology Standards

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Recent Projects

“Your project communication and advice is very much appreciated and valued. Your openness and candor are the primary reasons we will use Voler Systems again for electronic design and sensor interfaces. From the very beginning of our partnership, you have always offered honest advice to ensure the best solution for our needs, whether it was through you or one of your resources.” – Micah Bongberg, CEO Annuvia


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Voler Systems specializes in providing full service electronic design services (EDS), from concept and design through to production and sustaining engineering. We have completed hundreds of projects over 17 years. Accelerate your time to market by partnering with our multidisciplinary team of 30+ experts.

Wireless • Sensors • FPGA and CPLD development • Motion Control • Embedded Systems • System architecture • Firmware development • Board Design • Analog design • Power supply design

Medical devices • Home Health • Wearables • Industrial automation • Power and green energy • Consumer electronics

Wireless design and integration • System testing and verification • Expert device selection • WiFi • Zigbee • Bluetooth • GPS • LoRa • RFID • High-speed communication and memory interfaces • Communication Signal Processing • Low-power design • High speed differential transceivers/SERDES • High speed, high complexity interfaces and protocols